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Complete Waterproofing Services in New Jersey:

Developing long-lasting client relationships based on mutual trust and respect is essential to our success. We are a complete waterproofing service provider in Stratford specializing in a wide range of professional waterproofing services for the residential, industrial, and commercial sectors. S.K.D.S LLC has gradually earned a reputation as an innovative and versatile consulting firm thanks to its consistently high performance. Our team is composed of two Principals, their associates, and several highly qualified and experienced professionals.

We Use The No Digging Waterproof Method:

Stop water from hitting your basement wall. S.K.D.S LLC, the best waterproofing company in Stratford New Jersey, uses a no-dig method that requires homeowners to maintain their grading, gutters, and downspouts.

Bentonite clay is used to control the wet seals and leaky walls.

Bentonite is recommended internationally by engineers when it comes to preventing water intrusion, although the term is often unrecognized because people in the industry call it “MUD.” Bentonite was used to contain the BP oil spill. It is also used when the Hoover Dam leaks, and it is the waterproof liner around every underwater tunnel system to date. Engineers love Bentonite because it does not crystallize or disintegrate. So, as the foundation shifts and settles, the Bentonite shifts and settles with it. The government likes Bentonite because it is a completely natural material and it will not harm animals or plants.

How Everything Works:

When building a man-made lake, construction workers will spread a thin layer of Bentonite clay at the bottom. The clay will absorb as much water as it can handle, then reject the rest – sealing the lake and preventing water from escaping into the ground. S.K.D.S LLC, the best waterproofing company in New Jersey, uses these same principles when blocking water from touching foundation walls by coating them using a “No Digging” injection process.

Basement Waterproofing Service Provider In Stratford:

We displace loose soil around the foundation and replace it with Bentonite clay by using low-pressure grout pump injection. This process creates a high-performance watertight membrane from below grade to the footer. Limiting moisture from penetrating the wall increases the longevity of the foundation. This engineer-recommended process is used in residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

We Value Your Property Like Ours:

S.K.D.S LLC is a complete waterproofing service provider in New jersey that stores priceless artifacts, lays insulation and concrete, and arranges the furniture inside our basement walls. Unfortunately, regardless of the treasures stored in our basements, water may make its way into our houses. As rain falls and goes below grade, it typically takes the shortest route to the largest hole in the earth – your basement! We utilize our NO-DIG Bentonite clay injection method to block up water channels, Help To keep your basement safe, crispy, and extend the life of your foundation and house.

S.K.D.S LLC is the best waterproofing company in New Jersey that provides a lifetime structural warranty, which also involves a collaborative approach with homeowners who are responsible for maintaining appropriate gutters, downspouts, and grading for any installed materials to be fully effective.


The Course Of Action:

A hollow rod approximately an inch in diameter is linked to a low-pressure grouting insertion pump through a hose. Vertically into the earth, along the outside foundation wall, the rod is inserted.

Bentonite clay in a semi-fluid condition is pushed through the hollow rod against the external foundation wall above grade to the structure’s footer at low pressure. Within approximately 45 minutes, the Bentonite clay hardens, becoming a pretty firm, putty-like substance. For about the following 30 days, the Bentonite will continue to grow as it creates a high-performance waterproof barrier against the structure.

The strong Bentonite clay spreads into the structure’s fractures and fissures, creating a waterproof barrier between the structure’s foundation and footer. Bentonite clay binds to soil and expands up to one foot away from the exterior foundation wall, preventing moisture from entering the wall in the first place.

Waterproofing the exterior of your structure may assist in preventing water from entering the structure. Bentonite clay is a completely natural material that will last the life of your building.

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