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Installing Vinyl Plank Flooring Services In New Jersey:

Do you want to have exotic hardwood floors, marble floors, or tile? If so, vinyl can give you the look without the expense. It’s still your secret, but no one will know. S.K.D.S LLC is the best company for house vinyl flooring with experience in installing and repairing vinyl flooring. We have multiple styles of vinyl that look like tiles or hardwoods, including sheets, planks, and tiles. The best part is that we bring the showroom to you so you can see it in the room where it will be installed.

What Is Vinyl Plank Flooring, And How Do We Install It?

The installation procedure is identical to that of other types of floor replacement.

Baseboards are carefully removed by the installation professional. After that, the subfloor is carefully cleaned and checked for levelness. When required, repairs or replacements may be made.

The procedure that S.K.D.S LLC, the best company for house vinyl flooring, uses is:

The first step is always planning. We plan the plank layout and outline the room’s perimeter and centre with a chalk line.

The work begins in close proximity to one of the walls. The first plank’s edge extends under the area covered by the baseboard. Instead of having a small portion in the centre, planks are cut to suit the room’s perimeters.

One plank’s tongue is inserted into the groove of another previously installed on the floor and then snapped into place. Unless the installers of vinyl plank floors are creating a specific pattern, they should stagger the plank ends by at least six inches.

This procedure is repeated until the floor is completely coated. Cutting and installing edge pieces, and precisely replacing the baseboard.

Laminates and modern vinyl plank flooring are contrasted. Vinyl Plank, in our expert opinion, is superior. This is the primary reason we choose vinyl plank over other types of flooring. As opposed to laminate, it contains no wood. Due to the fact that Vinyl Plank is entirely synthetic, it is completely waterproof. As with some types of laminate flooring, vinyl flooring may seem to be real wood or stone.

However, although the materials have many of the same characteristics and may even seem to be similar, they are very distinct flooring materials.

We Value Your House Appearance:

Not long ago, vinyl and laminate floors were easily distinguishable. Vinyl floors were typically sheet products with printed designs, often intended to resemble ceramic tile, although in an unconvincing fashion. Furthermore, laminate plank flooring was “wood look-alikes” that were less than convincing due to their appearance and feel. However, contemporary laminate flooring and vinyl flooring can now replicate the appearance of wood, stone, ceramics, and almost any other material. They may also have three-dimensional roughness on their surfaces, such as shapes resembling hand-scraped Hardwood. Contact S.K.D.S LLC best company for house vinyl flooring in New Jersey will assist you in choosing the best flooring for installation.

Why Choose S.K.D.S LLC for Vinyl Flooring?

S.K.D.S LLC installing vinyl plank flooring services offer multiple benefits including:

Resilience To Water:

Vinyl flooring is clearly the winner here. Vinyl flooring in all of its varieties—sheet vinyl, vinyl tile, and vinyl—is constructed entirely of waterproof materials. Vinyl flooring options are clearly the winner in family bathrooms and wet areas such as basements.

Although laminate flooring manufacturers are working hard to develop fully waterproof materials, almost all laminate flooring, with the exception of a few experimental products, has a fiberboard core, which, like a wood product, can weaken and swell when exposed to moisture. Manufacturers have had the greatest results with “moisture-resistant” goods. Laminate flooring is not a good option for family bathrooms or other places susceptible to standing water. Certain manufacturers specifically advise against installing their laminates in basements.

A vinyl plank is an excellent option for damp areas since it is really water-shedding.

In places that may encounter moisture, such as kitchens, powder rooms, guest bathrooms, laundry rooms, mudrooms, and entryways, the decision is less obvious. If you can devote a reasonable amount of time to quickly cleaning up spills and puddling, go ahead and install a laminate floor labelled “moisture-resistant.” The risk with laminate flooring occurs when standing water is allowed to soak through the joints and into the fibreboard core.


Laminate and vinyl flooring are priced similarly, but sheet vinyl does have a little advantage. Vinyl flooring bought at big-box home improvement stores may cost as little as half a cent square foot for thin sheet vinyl to about three dollars per square foot for vinyl planks.

Property Worth:

There is a small advantage for laminate flooring here since it is generally considered better than vinyl in terms of increasing a home’s market value.

With the advent of vinyl plank flooring, vinyl has dominated the market and has a higher resale value.

While laminate flooring lacks the grandeur associated with real hardwood and engineered hardwood, they do not often deter potential house buyers. When it comes to characteristics like deeper embossing, improved imaging, and enhanced joinery systems, laminate flooring is somewhat more advanced than vinyl flooring. However, vinyl plank flooring has surpassed them in recent years!

Peace And Tranquillity:

When compared to the wood floors, they are designed to imitate; laminate flooring products may seem empty underfoot. They also have a tendency to transmit sounds, but adding a foam underlayment underneath the flooring, as some manufacturers suggest, may help decrease both the hollow sensation and the noise issue. According to some, laminate flooring is warmer to the touch and easier to walk on than vinyl floors since they are thicker than vinyl and include wood. With the advent of engineered vinyl plank flooring, laminate flooring has lost its competitive advantage. Engineered vinyl plank flooring is somewhat thicker than vinyl plank flooring, and it also includes a small layer of cushioning on the back.

Over the past several years, the vinyl plank has developed significantly and continues to gain popularity. We would suggest a vinyl plank to every one of my customers!

One benefit of vinyl is that it is referred to as “resilient” for a reason—dishes placed on vinyl kitchen floors often do not break, while dishes dropped on bare laminate floors nearly invariably shatter. Additionally, the resilient surface is somewhat quieter than a laminate floor since sound does not reverberate off the hard surface.

Now that you have a firm grasp on the distinctions between vinyl plank flooring and laminate flooring, you can make an informed decision on the kind of flooring to put in your home. Consult S.K.D.S LLC professionals for installing vinyl plank flooring services in Stratford, and you are good to enjoy these perks!

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